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Martial arts tourism

Going on a vacation often brings to mind relaxing trips to the beach, or trips to exotic and beautiful lands....

Feb 21,2017
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Why should you practice Karate?

With a question like “What’s the best martial art for me?” there’s no clear-cut answer. Figuring out what you want...

Feb 16,2017
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A good martial arts Master

Here on Martial Tribes, we’ve previously covered what a master is, and what they represent in their respective martial arts....

Feb 14,2017
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Learn martial arts at the age of 50 to stay healthy

Given proper precautions and good instruction, the practice of any kind of sport or exercise is healthy and desirable. This...

Feb 14,2017
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Majlinda Kelmendi, the struggle for recognition of her country

  On August 10, 2016, 25-year-old Kosovar judoka Majlinda Kelmendi won the gold medal in the Rio Olympics, securing her...

Feb 9,2017
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Martial arts with an armor and a sword of bamboo

Many of the martial arts we discuss at Martial Tribes are empty-handed styles  that you typically see in mixed martial...

Feb 7,2017
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Sifu, Sensei, Sabom-nim… Who is the great Master?

From the very beginning of their existence, martial arts knowledge and techniques have been transmitted from  masters to pupils. In...

Feb 2,2017
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Tip of the week: give up or keep on trying

This week, we want to highlight the importance of “giving up” in martial arts. You know we always encourage you...

Jan 31,2017
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What a martial master is and how to become one

There’s a massive gulf between the experience and skill level of the average martial arts practitioner, and a great martial...

Jan 26,2017
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