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Tip of the week: keep your concentration and improve it

If you are interested in practicing any martial art, you must have a positive attitude and predisposition because it is...

Jan 12,2017
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Tip of the week: respect your opponent all the time

Respect is one of the most important values taught by martial arts. It guides practitioners in listening to their masters, and...

Jan 10,2017
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Tip of the week: the importance of resting after training

Everybody knows how important is to warm up before one trains in any and every martial art. It’s an essential...

Jan 5,2017
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When a professional career comes to an end

Professional competitive martial artists can  seem like a force of nature. Win, or lose, the greatest among them will always...

Jan 3,2017
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When can you get a black belt?

In many martial arts, the black belt represents the final belt color that describes the competence of a practitioner. While...

Dec 29,2016
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Need to relax? Martial arts are what you’re looking for

In recent years the martial arts, regardless of their associated values and principles, have become a way to get started...

Dec 27,2016
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Why do we practice martial arts?

Many  practitioners engage the body and soul in martial arts. Such admiration is felt for what martial arts transmits and...

Dec 22,2016
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What not to do with our knowledge of martial arts

The martial arts teach us the how to defend ourselves and others in real life situations, but just as importantly,...

Dec 20,2016
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The Very First Experience In Martial Arts

The first experience in a dojo can leave a permanent impression on any beginner. Some people who choose to try...

Dec 15,2016
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