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Three of the Biggest Myths About Martial Arts

When talking about martial arts, it comes as no surprise to us that there are a few misconceptions about the...

Mar 14,2017
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The most ancient Martial Arts from around the world

Since the dawn of history, man has been forced to learn how to defend himself against a variety of threats,...

Mar 9,2017
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The King of Rock ´n´ Roll became the king of the tatami

Elvis Presley is known worldwide as the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and may well be one of the most...

Mar 7,2017
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The Korean martial art before Taekwondo

Contrary to popular belief, Taekwondo isn’t an original martial art with its own centuries-long history. Taekwondo is actually fairly new,...

Mar 2,2017
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Digital revolution in martial arts

The digital revolution has changed everything, from the way we find information and purchase goods, to the way we connect...

Feb 28,2017
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Toshihiko Koga won all possible titles in Judo

Many of our articles have spoken of great masters who have long passed, and famous fighters who are currently rising...

Feb 23,2017
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Martial arts tourism

Going on a vacation often brings to mind relaxing trips to the beach, or trips to exotic and beautiful lands....

Feb 21,2017
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Why should you practice Karate?

With a question like “What’s the best martial art for me?” there’s no clear-cut answer. Figuring out what you want...

Feb 16,2017
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A good martial arts Master

Here on Martial Tribes, we’ve previously covered what a master is, and what they represent in their respective martial arts....

Feb 14,2017
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