Historically, many martial arts fans have had a hard time distinguishing between a martial art and a combat sport. Currently, there is still some ignorance about both terms.

The objective of each is totally different, as well as the origin and what each term involves.

In the case of martial arts, it´s worth noting that we are talking about an “art of war” in which the ultimate goal is to defeat the enemy any way possible. It’s about survival and a way of life. It also involves tradition (usually a firm one), knowledge and teachings handed down from generation to generation.

We also highlight the kind of values that the martial arts convey: discipline, respect, friendship and loyalty among others.

By contrast, when talking about a combat sport, we refer to a regulated activity, in which most cases, there are competitions, rules and breaks to ensure that the opponent does not suffer serious injuries.

It is also true that there is a certain amount of security in combat sports, when it is a scheduled, enclosed fight with a referee that can interfere at any time to terminate an improper attack that could endanger the safety of the opponent.