Patience is one of the great virtues less visible in our society nowadays: we always go in a hurry and we take less time in what really matters. But we cannot stop it, we are impatiens by nature.

This premise can be extrapolated to every single activity we do in our diary routine: going to the gym, driving, working and even practicing martial arts. From the very first moment we set our foot in a dojo, we are thinking about how much we would learn this year, how long it take to get the black belt… And, of course, the problem is that we don’t enjoy the way because we only think about the finish.

We need to take some time in order to practice martial arts. We mustn’t set unreachable goals. Setting goals is a good think but we must be realistic.  When practicing, it is highly recommendable to have a little time to meditate and disconnect from diary problems. Our mind and body must be relaxed and calmed in order to do our best.

Therefore, you must be patient and enjoy the wonderful way of learning.