Asasio Heimuli, UFC Heavyweight top contender Mark Hunt’s Striking Coach, aka Master Lolo shared his thoughts on drugs and the UFC.

Would coaches like Asasio know how to tell if a fighter was on drugs? He shares about how Mark has fought guys on steroids throughout his career, but until now Mark spoke up and calls out Brock Lesnar for failing a drug test.

Mark said – “It just makes me laugh, because that’s how he won his world title. He stuck a needle in his poo-shoot and that’s how he won his title – He’s a f*cking hypocrite, and the sad thing about it is these companies are not doing anything about it.”

Hunt’s Coach states he hopes to see changes in the regulations in the future and he is glad Mark expressed himself so that it shows awareness. Asasio explains how ESPN and other major sport channels are talking about how everyone is going crazy and super strict about drugs in baseball, but no one really pays attention to MMA when you are actually fighting.

Find out what Asasio Heimuli thinks about the fight against drug and will athletes ever stop using it?