If you love retro video games, and you like martial arts, then this is the game for you. With amazing martial arts combos and an online multiplayer platform, you can now fight your friends (and enemies) on the rooftops of China with no training needed.

Roof Rage, which was originally called Fatal Kick, has been in development from 2015 by a South Korean-based developer called Early Melon. According to some early pre-release reviews, the game could join the ranks of other competitive indie fighting games such as Nidhogg, Brawlout, Lethal League and Brawlhalla.

For all the nerds out there, the game has over 2800 sprites and features a custom 16-bit soundtrack. The game supports both local and online multiplayer modes.

The game itself however, comes into its own when you enter into a fight and go one on one – just like the masters do in the movies. Jump from rooftops, balance on street lamps and rustle the trees as you swoop in and out with attacks that would put Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee to shame.

The beauty of the game is outstanding, and even for a simple indie game, the pixelated graphics are clear cut and eye pleasing. Gameplay will take place across eight different levels, all with their own unique style, design and layout that will challenge any player to make hard decisions about jumping into attack or shooting backwards in a dodge of epic proportions.

Although not quite out, the wait is almost over, with a final release date set for sometime within the next month. What is great is that the game is playable cross-platform on PC and Mac, available via Steam.

For martial arts fans, this game is looking like a must buy, but with now price point yet released we’ll have to see the price before we jump in – however given the fact the game is developed by and indie studio, the price will most certainly be budget-friendly.

Keep track of any updates via the official website, or follow their twitter account for real-time updates on the game and its progress. The game is already searchable on Steam too so why not add it to your wishlist and when it becomes available you’ll be alerted automatically!

We love martial arts, and we love indie gaming, so expect to see us on the rooftops in no time at all!