There is a continuous flow of transmission of knowledge and skills in martial arts as we know them today. It’s nothing new, for example, that MMA practitioners have learned techniques from other disciplines and have implemented them in their fighting styles.

This mix of techniques andchokeholds has even created new disciplines, such as MMA.

Traditional martial arts like Taekwondo, Judo or Jiu Jitsu and new disciplines among which are Kick Boxing, Wrestling and MMA, despite what some believe, have much in common. In both the traditional and new disciplines, the practitioners try to block the opponent by pushing and grabbing them and even taking the opponent to the ground. Therefore, we can say that both sides have always enjoyed a close relationship.

The origin of MMA dates back to the twentieth century. The initial idea was to find the most effective martial art with hand to hand combat. To do this, each practitioner picked techniques from different disciplines which they  had previously learned and applied them to their battles.

Currently, MMA enjoys a desirable popularity, catching up with others like Boxing and Kick Boxing. Most major professional MMA fighters began in other disciplines and were well known fighters.

Even some wrestlers abandoned their practice to start in MMA, such as Ken Shamrock. Also the unbeatable Ronda Rousey was a great fighter of Judo before starting to compete in MMA. Thanks to his dislocation of arm technique in Judo, he has managed to beat all opponents that he has faced.

We can say, therefore, that MMA and traditional martial arts have been closely related in recent decades.