Nowadays, there are still some clichés around women and martial arts. Some people still think women are not capable to do some works and even practice some sports. These are just prejudices. We can see that even in martial arts. But the truth is women can practice and compete. They even have differents grades to compete.

Here you can read three prejudices that we need to avoid around martial arts and women because they are not true.

  • Women mustn’t practice martial arts because their physical condition.
  • Women who practice martial arts aren’t feminine.
  • Women can practice but they cannot compete.

All this clichés are false. Practicing any kind of sports is highly recommended for women and men. Besides that, we know some women who practice martial arts and they are feminine as Rounda Rousey and Gina Carano. Finally, both of them are martial fighters that compete in a high level with great results.