Spider Guard Pass With Leg Drag

A BJJ Black Belt 4th Degree, multiple times champion and the founder of Pound for Pound – Sergio Zimmermann showed how pass the Spider Guard with Leg Drag. When your opponent...

Oct 17,2016
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Mestre Fantasma’s First Roda As A Master

This video was captured in 2013. It was at the 10th Anniversary Batizado of EBC Philippines. Back then Mestre Fantasma was still a Professor, and his master  – Mestre Osacar, well- known...

Oct 5,2016
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Bending Ready Stance with Mark Trotter

Choong-Moo is an ITF-style teul (form) named after the great Admiral Yi Soon-Sin of Korea’s Yi Dynasty. Yi is credited for saving Choson Korea from the brink of collapse during...

Sep 30,2016
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Adam Kayoom Vs Gregor Gracie in ONE FC

Phuket Top Team fighter Adam Kayoom VS the popular and well known BJJ Specialist Gregor Gracie at ONE FC in Singapore on 23rd June 2012. From Team Renzo Academy, we...

Sep 30,2016
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Andre Galvao Conditioning Training for BJJ

Brazilian jiu jitsu by itself is a demanding workout. When it comes to strength and conditioning training, you must balance asymmetries and put together a program that improves strength. This...

Sep 30,2016
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Andre Galvao ADCC Highlight

Wise words from a champion – “The mind is very important, it’s important to have a fresh mind and be open to learn”, states Andre Galvao. In this video,...

Sep 28,2016
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Mark Trotter Coaching Eui-Am Pattern

Mark Trotter was the 2014 ITF World Cup 4-6 Degree patterns World Champion, four time prearranged sparring World Cup and World Champion, and Vice World Champion in -54kg sparring in...

Aug 22,2016
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Mark Trotter Pre-arranged Sparring – 2013 ITF World Championships

Mark Trotter & Carl Van Roon, both from New Zealand perform together and won the gold medal in the Pre-arranged Sparring – 2013 ITF World Championships – Benidorm Spain. Carl...

Aug 22,2016
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My thoughts on drugs and the UFC

Asasio Heimuli, UFC Heavyweight top contender Mark Hunt’s Striking Coach, aka Master Lolo shared his thoughts on drugs and the UFC. Would coaches like Asasio know how to tell if...

Aug 16,2016
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