There’s nothing quite like capoeira, the Brazilian martial art that more resembles a dance than any other discipline you’ve seen. Every time it’s on display, it’s got a lovely mix of graceful moves, music, amazing acrobatics, and skill. Originally created as a martial art disguised as a dance, it’s no wonder it is so fascinating to watch. But that’s just the surface – here are some reasons why you should try capoeira and see for yourself what makes it so great!

  1. A perfect workout

Capoeira burns 500-700 calories per hour, and it’s just a blast to participate in it. Having a workout that you actually enjoy and is actually strenuous can be a rarity – why not make it a mix of dance and martial arts?

try capoiera

  1. A balance of different traits

Cartwheels, high kicks, constant motion – capoeira requires a lot of speed and flexibility to go with it, and a lot of strength to ensure that it matters when you actually connect, so it trains you in all three at once.

  1. A social, cultural affair

Capoeira is a community affair! All that dancing and music and the seeming resemblance to a party aren’t window dressing – it’s a celebration of a rich cultural background that tells a story of a harder time in Brazilian history.

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  1. A form of self-expression

Capoeira truly emphasizes the art in martial art – it lets you express yourself in the form of your fluid movements, and the more you practice, the more effectively you’re able to convey your own feelings in your motion.

  1. It’s fun!

Skill, culture, training – these are all great reasons to get into capoeira, but when it boils down to it, the martial art is just plain fun to watch and do! For some, there’s no better reason to just dive into this.

It’s very easy to get quickly involved in the community and try capoeira. You just need to pick up some of the basic moves and you can join in. This video will get you started: