They don’t call him “Money” for nothing! We all know that Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers today – not to mention one heck of a promoter. And with a company called The Money Team, you know that this guy’s got some deep pockets. And he makes sure everyone knows it.

Here are some of the most lavish indulgences of this pound for pound champ:

  1. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

What you have here is the most expensive car in the world, with only two models in existence. Floyd paid for it in, you guessed it, cold hard cash — all $4.8 million. And this is not his only luxury vehicle. He has a growing collection at home.

  1. Hermes Alligator Bags

Luxury bags are essential for plenty of female socialites – and Floyd. His favorite? Hermes. There’s a waitlist for these bags, but Floyd can get his hands on them whenever he pleases. And he buys them in sets.

  1. Mercedes Party Bus

Floyd is a guy who rarely travels without an entourage. So it’s only fitting he purchased a customized Mercedes party bus for the whole crew! The 55-inch television is just one of the many surprises lucky passengers get access to.

  1. A Gigantic Mansion

Floyd doesn’t settle for anything less than spectacular. Even his mansion puts other mansions to shame. It even has its own Instagram account! 22,000 square feet in the heart of Vegas, baby!

  1. His Fighting Contract

Probably one of his wisest investments to date is not having to be signed to any agency. By removing the middleman in all of his professional transactions, he’s lining his pockets with more cash to burn.

  1. Gulfstream Jets

He doesn’t have your typical private plane. Mayweather owns two jets — one for him and the other for his entourage. The price tag? $30 million. Each.

  1. Hublot Watch

He has an impressive watch collection, but his $1.1 million diamond-encrusted Hublot watch is the icing on the cake.

  1. $10 Million Worth of Jewelry

Mayweather’s New Year is not about kisses or champagne. It involves dropping $10 million on bling.

  1. Mansion #2 and Penthouse

If his Vegas palace isn’t enough, Money also has a mansion in Miami and a penthouse on top of that. Paid for in cash, what you have here is his retirement home.

  1. Bugatti Veyron

For most people, getting a hold of one of these is challenging enough. Mayweather? He has two — bought as a pair.

What do you think is his most extravagant purchase?