Ninjas have long captured people’s imagination with their mystery, deadliness – and of course, their array of deadly weapons. Here we take a look at some of the most lethal and iconic components of the ninja arsenal.


Many of the ways ninjas dispatched their enemies were never meant to be detected. Whether added to a blade or made to infect a wound, poison was thus a necessary trademark for a killer to do his work unseen.


Essentially two weights tied by a length of chain, the manriki-gusari was a versatile weapon used for throwing, whipping, or strangulation.


The kama was a miniature scythe that closely resembled the farming implements of its time, making it easy to carry, and most importantly for a ninja, easy to conceal and wield.

Neko Te

Favored by female ninja, the Neko Te was an iron glove with sharp claws often dipped in poison and was used to dispatch targets brutally, ala Freddy Krueger.


Metsubishi was basically ninja pepper spray, and while not lethal in itself, was used to great effect by the assassins to blind and disorient opponents in order to deal a killing blow.


Essentially a joy buzzer minus any of the joy, the kakute was a spiked ring, often poisoned, used to puncture and rip skin, leaving the victim to bleed to death.


A kind of hybrid between kama and manriki-gusari, the kusarigama’s unusual appearance lent well to its mystery. Unable to deflect such a strange looking weapon, opponents would fall from the many ways the kusarigama could be wielded to deadly effect.


The most well-known weapon in the ninja’s arsenal is by far the shuriken. These throwing stars would be concealed until the very last minute, embodying the very essence of the ninja themselves: silent, precise, and deadly.


The kunai has experienced a spike (pun intended) of popularity since its prominent use in the wildly popular Naruto anime. An easily concealable knife, perfect for throwing, the kunai was a favorite among ninja.


The preferred mid-range weapon of the ninja, fukiya were blowguns often disguised as flutes, allowing the weapon to be concealed in plain sight.

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