There are so many great martial arts out there, all teaching their own interpretation of self-defense through moves, stances, punches and grapples. In the real world, the fights get a little more serious, and unpredictable, so we thought that we’d bring you the seven most vulnerable spots on the body that you can aim for if you are attacked on the streets. Either through blind luck or professional precision, if you target these spots, you’re standing a much better chance to win, which in some cases could mean the difference between life and well…let’s not go there shall we.

  1. The eyes

If you blind your opponent (temporarily okay?!) then you’ll have time to run away, or better still go in for that grapple undefended. What’s more is that a gouge at the eye can be very painful so if you get the chance, grab your attacker’s head and shove in those thumbs…just don’t push so hard you pop them, you don’t want a lawsuit on your hands (along with gross eye juice).

  1. Ears

Do you remember in high school when your mate would come at you from behind and shove their thumb in behind your ear? Well we sure do, and if memory serves us well, then we know how damn painful this is. If you can grab an ear even, just giving it a yank can give you that advantage you may need to turn the tables on your opponent.

  1. Nose

Okay, we promise this is the last one on the head – we get it, it can be hard to actually get in contact with these smaller organs unless your rival is blinded (see number one). The nose is actually full of nerves, and is very sensitive. It also bleeds like a mother, so if you can get a good punch or karate chop to the bridge of the nose, you’re bound to win.

weakest spots

  1. Fingers

Okay, so you’re in a grapple and your holding your rival’s arm while trying to make him tap out in submission. Our advice is, don’t forget about the fingers. Remember, there are no rules on the street and you want to win at all costs, because otherwise you may be a lot more injured than you would be after four rounds with McGregor. Clamp down on those fingers and try to snap or bend them out of shape. If you succeed, even if they break free and fight back, the pain in their hands will be so intense they’ll struggle to form a fist or grab you when they get the chance.


  1. Throat

Okay, so we all see this in the movies, and you have to be careful because if you strangle someone too long you may kill them, and we don’t want that. This is for self-defense only remember?! So none of those movie scene neck cracks either, you’re not a chiropractor. Instead, take a simple punch or chop to the lower valley of the throat and you’ll instantly stop your attacker from breathing for a few seconds while you execute the next punch or get the hell out of dodge.

weakest spots

  1. Kidneys

One swift punch to the kidneys and you’re winning. This area can wind someone instantly, especially those who are not trained in pain management. If you miss, you may hit the solar plexus too, which is a small bundle of nerves behind the stomach that produces the same effect. Just make sure to keep your abdomen closed as you take the shot, otherwise you’ll both be rolling on the floor crying for mommy.

weakest spots

  1. The Groin

This is the money shot, and we just had to leave it to the end. It doesn’t even need that much explaining either – once kick and its over. Even if your attacker is a woman, a groin kick can be just as effective, and you don’t run the risk of performing a surprise vasectomy.

weakest spots

Overall, these seven points are, in our opinion, the best places to aim for when fighting off an attacker. Ideally, you’ll only need to get in one good shot and you’ll have time to make a run for it or apprehend your attacker so they can’t do any more damage. We wish you all the best and remember, martial arts are for self-defense not to start fights.