There are plenty of notable fighters in the Octagon and Francis Ngannou is definitely a part of this exclusive list. At 31 years old, standing at 6’4,” and with an 11-1-0 professional record, this Cameroonian-French fighter started in the UFC as raw talent. Unlike his fellow athletes, his mixed martial arts training happened on-site, evolving match after match.

He’s currently considered one of the toughest heavyweights in the Octagon, and holds the world record for the strongest human punch! No wonder he reigned supreme over Alistair Overeem at UFC 218. One strike was all it took to bid Overeem goodnight, garnering Ngannou a KO win.

This was his first pay-per-view fight in four years of professional combat, and obviously, Ngannou faced a certain amount of pressure. But given that he possesses the shortest average fight time in the UFC, as well as the lowest strike absorption rate amongst heavyweights, and a 75% takedown defense, it’s no wonder he easily rose to the occasion, beating out a more experienced Overeem.

This effective striker has consistently showcased not only his power but also his overwhelming athleticism in the Octagon. Ngannou is a mental and adaptable fighter. He can influence his opponents to react the way that he wants, while continually surprising them with punishing counterattacks, even if they are quite familiar with his go-to left hook and uppercut finisher.

For Ngannou, it’s not his frame or ability that propels him to perform the way he does. Fueled by his desire to provide for his family, he makes sure that every calculated strike, takedown, offense, and defense will make him victorious, no matter how challenging the situation may be.

Francis Ngannou’s passion, drive, and motivation stem from his experience of being homeless in France. After leaving his native Cameroon to pursue a boxing career, he spent years living in the streets of Paris. In the Octagon, he uses this experience to his advantage, and you can see this with every strike, kick, and takedown.

Having overcome Overeem in what he considers his biggest and most challenging career bout, it’s safe to say that we can expect more great things from this awe-inspiring heavyweight.

What do you think of Francis Ngannou? Who do you want to see him face off against next?